What is music licensing?

Music licensing is the process of syncing music to visual media such as commercials, movies and TV shows.

What exactly is a non-exclusive music licensing service?

A non-exclusive music licensing service allows you to retain the master rights and publishing to your material, leaving you free to work with other licensing companies and to sell your music via Beatport, ITunes and Juno Download etc...

In addition to non-exclusive licensing, some companies will also offer bespoke production services which require exclusivity in regards to the tracks. This is common practice for high profile projects such as movies or TV commercials.

Will I lose the rights to my music if I work with Launch Pad?

Launch Pad works non-exclusively which means that we allow you to retain the ownership of your tunes. Our agreement simply gives us permission to represent you and to collect licensing revenues on your behalf.

Where will my music be used?

Working with us gives you the opportunity to have your material pitched to a multitude of exciting projects including commercials, movies, TV shows, video games and web promos.

Can I submit cover songs or songs containing un-cleared sampled?

We are unable to accept cover songs or music that contains un-cleared samples from another artist's tracks.

Can I choose who licenses my music?

Unfortunately you don’t get to choose who licenses your tunes, however we can assure you that they will never be licensed for use in projects that contain inappropriate themes.

How much music can I submit?

Once you have been accepted as a Launch Pad artist you are free to submit as much material as you like, as often as you like. We highly recommend making new submissions as regularly as possible in order to increase the chances of your music being placed.

What genres of music are the most popular?

Bass Music and Electronic Dance Music subgenres such as Dubstep, House and Trap are always very popular, however we’ve also had allot of success in placing Folk, Indie Electro Pop and Indy Rock music as well. Despite current trends, great tracks that are well written and produced will always stand a good chance of being licensed, regardless of genre or style.

Will I be notified when my music has been used?

Royalty statements are sent out in February and August. Unfortunately we are not able to send notifications regarding licenses between statements.

When will I get paid?

Payments are issued alongside royalty statements via PayPal or international wire transfer.

Will I be credited when my music is used?

TV shows don’t generally credit the tunes they use, unlike movies which list all of the material they feature in addition to the musical score.

Do I need to be a member of a PRO in order to license my music?

You don’t need to be signed up with a PRO to be able to license your music; however most film and television licenses will generate broadcast royalties that you won’t receive unless you are a member of a performing rights organisation.

Should I aim to work with multiple music licensing companies?

Many artists make the mistake of signing up with as many licensing companies as they can find in the hope of increasing their chances of success. In doing so however they reduce the value of their work and ensure that the company offering licenses at the lowest price makes the sale.